Egg Tempera on Traditional Gesso





Oil On Panel


Egg Tempera is the most powerful and reliable traditional painting medium that nothing can replace. Done with pigments and a medium based on chicken eggs, Egg Tempera painting was of current use until the end of the 15th century when it was displaced by Oil painting. After this oversight time, it expanded since its revival in the 19th century.

Egg Yolk is a simple and soft medium. Colors keep true  and fresh. Through time the paint harden and improved. As water evaporates, little excess of binder is left in the finished painting, getting so an optical effect of intensity and depth. At execution level, it is a fast drying paint to be diluted with water. Because of its emulsifying potential, Egg medium can be adjusted or reinforced by adjunction of oils and varnishes. It can be worked according to any personal style or approach.  Usually done on wood panel  prime with traditional gesso.